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Crafty new look for former sex shop | Islington

August 9, 2010

A retro craft shop, which doubles as a bar, has reopened permanently at a serially vacant lot on Caledonian Road, Kings Cross Local Environment reports.

Drink, Shop & Do was a hit as a temporary venture in December 2009, with its curious mix of cocktails, knitting and other craft activities, board games and vintage furniture.

On Saturday, the address which used to be a sex shop and originally a Victorian bathhouse, became part of  Caledonian Road’s burgeoning ‘cake strip’.  A calendar of craft activities will follow, pending the necessary licences.

You can view the original post via this link:

Tea, cake, beer and craft pop-up shop returns to Caledonian Road | Kings Cross Local Environment.


Leeds needs more independent spirit, not just shopping centres | Leeds

July 29, 2010

A major developer investing in Leeds sends the right messages about confidence for the future. But a local blogger notes that at the same time areas that epitomise the city’s independent spirit are struggling.

In his blog on the restart of a £350m scheme, John Baron says this piece of good news hides the fact that the city is losing the uniqueness that makes it different from neighbouring cities.

He warns that the city must make the most of its character if it wants to remain a popular shopping destination.

Opinion: Leeds needs more independent spirit, not just shopping centres | Leeds :

The problems with leasing a shop in Brockley | south London

July 1, 2010

Brockley Central documents an attempt to take over an empty shop in the neighbourhood with a particularly unsatisfactory conclusion.

You can read the original post via the following link: Brockley shops – no vacancies | Brockley Central.