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Trailblazing Leeds social enterprise closes due to lack of support | Leeds

September 1, 2010

A  social enterprise which provided an inner city community with its only source of fresh food has closed, according to the Guardian’s Leeds blog.

Holbeck Foods’  launched its first shop in December last year amid a blaze of publicity after winning a  city-wide entrepreneurship contest.

But a lack of community support and volunteers has forced Holbeck Foods to close its doors.

You can view the original article via this link: Trailblazing Leeds social enterprise closes due to lack of support | Leeds @


Leeds needs more independent spirit, not just shopping centres | Leeds

July 29, 2010

A major developer investing in Leeds sends the right messages about confidence for the future. But a local blogger notes that at the same time areas that epitomise the city’s independent spirit are struggling.

In his blog on the restart of a £350m scheme, John Baron says this piece of good news hides the fact that the city is losing the uniqueness that makes it different from neighbouring cities.

He warns that the city must make the most of its character if it wants to remain a popular shopping destination.

Opinion: Leeds needs more independent spirit, not just shopping centres | Leeds :

What local bloggers are saying about regeneration

March 29, 2010

Here’s a round up of regeneration news from over the weekend by local bloggers. Follow the links for the original stories.

Labour’s manifesto for Lambeth dissected – you have to get to the penultimate page before any mention of the much heralded cooperative government plan:

Word Up | onionbagblog

Row over BBC programme on regeneration in Cardiff:

Week In Week Out: ‘My comments were cut’ | Cardiff : Guardian Local

In praise of the Hunslet Club:

Hunslet Club’s community success story | Leeds : Guardian Local

Council launches supercasino licensing process | Leeds

March 9, 2010

Council chiefs will tomorrow begin the process of awarding a licence for a supercasino in Leeds.

The meeting in Leeds, which marks the start of the licensing process, follows the government’s decision to grant the council the authority to award a large casino licence in 2006.

You can view the orgininal story via this link: Supercasinos and the axe for Education Leeds | Leeds |

Royal Park Primary community bid blow| Leeds

March 4, 2010

Proposals to turn a disused primary school into a community hub have been dealt a blow after a report for councillors raised concerns about the community consortium’s bid.

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