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Mutualisation and hard working councillors | Lambeth

April 15, 2010

Mutualisation is fashionable in both left-wing and right-wing circles at the moment. But the OnionBagBlog reports how the co-op model of managing local services might be destined to fail based on experiences in Lambeth.

You can read the original post via this link: Mutualisation and Hard Working Cllrs | onionbagblog.


Chaplin Legacy to be celebrated in Kennington | south London

April 14, 2010

A giant see-through Charlie Chaplin model has been proposed for Kennington so that the that the entertainer’s south London roots are not forgotten. A south London cinema museum has proposed several possible sites in the area.

You can view the original article via this link:  Snippets from KOV – tall towers, Thames Tideway, KOV hustings, giant Charlie Chaplin and guerrilla gardening | Lurking about SE11

What local bloggers are saying about regeneration

March 29, 2010

Here’s a round up of regeneration news from over the weekend by local bloggers. Follow the links for the original stories.

Labour’s manifesto for Lambeth dissected – you have to get to the penultimate page before any mention of the much heralded cooperative government plan:

Word Up | onionbagblog

Row over BBC programme on regeneration in Cardiff:

Week In Week Out: ‘My comments were cut’ | Cardiff : Guardian Local

In praise of the Hunslet Club:

Hunslet Club’s community success story | Leeds : Guardian Local

Windrush latest | Brixton

March 12, 2010

Was Windrush Square’s revamp a success? Judge for yourself from these photos:

Windrush latest | Brixton Blog.