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#ge2010: The hyperlocal election?

May 6, 2010

The general election campaign has demonstrated the power of television but it has also highlighted the contributions of hyperlocal blogs. reports on what the top hyperlocal bloggers are doing on election night and predicts that this shift in the traditional media food chain will continue regardless of who wins.

#ge2010: The hyperlocal election|


8 quick tips for covering the general election in your community | Journal Local

April 28, 2010

Philip John thinks that this year’s election offers an opportunity for hyperlocals and community sites to really shine.

In this post, he suggests a few tips and tools to help site owners to do just that.

8 quick tips for covering the general election in your community | Journal Local.

Visual presentations of neighbourhood data |

March 23, 2010

Notforprofit blog has launched a contest  to design an infographic (essentially a graphic illustrating some interesting statistics or information) about neighbourhoods.

The winner will be announced next week and readers can share their opinions on each entry in the comments section or via Twitter.

Thanks to @joshhalliday of SR2 blog for the tip off.

You can read the original post via this link: Design an Infographic About Neighborhoods: Submissions | GOOD

Cafés double up as newsrooms for hyperlocal journalists

March 22, 2010

A Czech Republic based news service is operating a chain of newscafés, which serve as newsrooms for its journalists reporting on highly targeted local news.

You can read the original article via Cafés Double Up As Newsrooms For Hyperlocal Journalists | PSFK.

A little design knowledge goes a long way |

March 4, 2010

Get the edge when it comes to advertising by improving your blog’s design.

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