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#ge2010: The hyperlocal election?

May 6, 2010

The general election campaign has demonstrated the power of television but it has also highlighted the contributions of hyperlocal blogs. reports on what the top hyperlocal bloggers are doing on election night and predicts that this shift in the traditional media food chain will continue regardless of who wins.

#ge2010: The hyperlocal election|


Covering the local elections on Harringay Online | Local Democracy

April 16, 2010

Harringay Online is offering people an opportunity to find out who their local election candidates are and what they might do if elected.

The site is hoping to fill an information gap for people  for people who regularly vote, while encouraging those who’ve not bothered to vote in the past to get involved.  Information on the site includes online portfolios on each of candidate.

You can read the original article by following this link: Covering the Local Elections on Harringay Online | Local Democracy.

Time for a single community council for Nairn | Nairn

March 15, 2010

A blog campaigning for a single community council for Nairn is being launched this week.

“Time for a single Community Council for Nairn” will argue that such a body will tackle a democratic deficit in an area often overshadowed by Inverness.

Coming soon a new Gurn blog: ‘Time for a single Community Council for Nairn!’ | A Gurn from Nurn.