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Blending the aspirational with the practical | Brockley

September 24, 2010

South London blog Brockley Central has blogged before and after pictures of a regeneration project in Tower Hamlets to show what can be achieved in their area.

The photos of the project, which a Brockley resident played a leading role in, were  uploaded to highlight similar potential in the Brockley Road and Lewisham Way area of the south London suburb.

Brockley Central points out that our streets make a major contribution to our prosperity and quality of life, yet too often we accept the ‘crappy status quo’ as though any other reality is impossible.

You can view the original post via this link: Triumph of imagination 2: High Street 2012 | Brockley Central.

The problems with leasing a shop in Brockley | south London

July 1, 2010

Brockley Central documents an attempt to take over an empty shop in the neighbourhood with a particularly unsatisfactory conclusion.

You can read the original post via the following link: Brockley shops – no vacancies | Brockley Central.

Connect the dots | Brockley

March 4, 2010

The two halves of Brockley have come together to rethink the arterial road that divides them.

The lastest meeting of Brockley Assembly discussed turning the A20 into a “ribbon of joy” marking the meeting point of the two communities.

via: Brockley Central